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Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Greed on Cruises

We all have stories of our cruise - but few of us ever tell the really negative side of things – we’d rather come home and tell everyone how wonderful it all was and hopefully make them very envious.

That is one thing about cruise forums (and we all know how much Prow’s Edge despises them) that can sometimes offer some honest opinions.  Not often - but ...

Here are a few comments about greed and over-eating from our own now discontinued forum...

A couple in  England after a Caribbean Cruise started the whole span of comments:

We have seen so much gluttony on cruise ships it is obscene. On a Carnival Cruises forum passengers talk about how many entrees they can order on a cruise and proudly claim to ordering 3 or more lobster entrees on the Captain's dinner night. We saw just that on our Carnival cruise.  And it’s quite disgusting. Pure greed.

That post - edited from the forum about eating healthfully on a cruise - started a whole new topic about greed and gluttony on cruise ships.

Jack and Alice (?) from New York (whoever they may really be) responded by saying:

Don’t think that greed and gluttony is restricted to the budget cruise lines. We were sailing with Regent, and there was a guy on board who would appear for breakfast every day, head for the buffet, and nab the extra large, “display-only” croissant that was perched at the top of the buffet display. For 4 days, the astonished dining room staff replaced the display croissant - then finally gave up. The cream topping to the story is that the guy then made a huge fuss that they were not providing his large croissant each morning. It takes all sorts!

JollyRoger (or so he called himself) said in response:

The breakfast buffet attract the worst in passengers, doesn’t it?. You think the guy who nabbed the display croissant every morning was greedy? Forget it. He runs a poor second to the many passengers who march the length of the buffet table piling the plate with fruit salad, fried eggs, bacon, sausage, hashbrowns with two pancakes perched on top and then pouring syrup over the lot. On ONE plate. No kidding! The travel agent probably didn’t alert them to the fact that they could go back a second time (or a third)?

And if that is not as bad a commentary about fellow travelers can be, another forum entrant called Seabound added:

We’re just sick of watching people pile up their plates at the buffet and then leave a whole wack of food on the plate and get up for more, and do the whole thing all over again. This is not just greed : this is criminal waste.

If you have any stories of your own experiences, we would love to hear all about them.

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