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Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Cruises and Mysterious Destinations

For something different in the world of cruises, you might want to take a look at Mysterious Destinations, a Maine-based company that specializes in creating travel experiences for people seeking to learn more about the unknown and the unexplained in both domestic and international locations.

For those crazy about their cruises, Mysterious Destinations is now offering a 7-day Caribbean cruise in which participants will have exclusive opportunities to personally investigate mysterious 4-fingered handprints at a Mayan ruin in Cozumel and seek evidence of paranormal activity at the Rose Hall Great House in Jamaica.

Paranormal detection equipment is provided for participants, as well as training in its use. Evidence collected by participants will be published online at www.MysteriousDestinations.com and presented to passengers of the cruise ship on the final day at sea.

The cruise will depart from New Orleans on Nov. 24 (2012) aboard the Navigator of the Seas, of Royal Caribbean Cruise Line, with AAA acting as exclusive booking agent.

Further cruise based experiences of this type are in the planning stages. Watch Prow's Edge Cruise Magazine for the latest news about these and other cruises on offer around the world.

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