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Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Reasons to Cruise

Taking a cruise is not just a way to take time off work or to spend your vacation.  There are all sorts of reasons why people take cruises, and Princess Cruises has recently published several more such reasons on their blog at http://inspiredtocruise.com/.

One good reason is to grant someone a last wish, as was the case of John Hedley of North Carolina who traveled to Alaska with one of his former comrades-in-arms on a final cruise before his friend succumbed to cancer.

Another great reason is to bond with your family, as Bob Taylor of Ohio did to know the sisters he’d only recently met when they spent time together on a Caribbean cruise, and as Naomi Cornelius of Texas did when after a lifetime of distance from her father, she reconnected with him on a Panama Canal cruise .

Still more reasons exist such as Jessie Work and her husband of Connecticut,  used their time at sea to revive their floundering marriage, and Sheryl Tarkoff of Chicago who connected with nephews, cousins, siblings and her children during her cruise up the Eastern Seaboard.

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