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Monday, February 25, 2013

Over-eating on a Cruise

Prow’s Edge used to have a very popular chat room.  Sadly, because some computer web trouble makers  thought it fun to contaminate our website through the chat rooms and actually make the website unattainable, we have had to erase the chat rooms.

But we still have the posts on file and are able to share some of the fun ones with you now.

One of the most popular topics of conversation on our blog was about food and people who thought it was justified to eat three portions of everything - and more. 

Here’s a look at some of what was said.

From: High Seas

We have seen so much gluttony on cruise ships it is obscene. On a Carnival Cruises forum passengers talk about how many entrees they can order on a cruise and proudly claim to ordering 3 or more lobster entrees on the Captain's dinner night. Pure greed.

From : Jack&Alice (New York)

Don’t think that greed and gluttony is restricted to the budget cruise lines. I was sailing with Regent, and there was a guy on board who would appear for breakfast every day, head for the buffet, and nab the extra large, “display-only” croissant that was perched at the top of the buffet display. For 4 days, the astonished dining room staff replaced the display croissant - then finally gave up. The cream topping to the story is that the guy then made a huge fuss that they were not providing his large croissant each morning. It takes all sorts!

From: JollyRoger

The breakfast buffet attract the worst in passengers, doesn’t it?. You think the guy who nabbed the display croissant every morning was greedy? Forget it. He runs a poor second to the many passengers who march the length of the buffet table piling the plate with fruit salad, fried eggs, bacon, sausage, hashbrowns with two pancakes perched on top and then pouring syrup over the lot. On ONE plate. No kidding! The travel agent probably didn’t alert them to the fact that they could go back a second time (or a third)?

From: Able Seaman
We’re just sick of watching people pile up their plates at the buffet and then leave a whole wack of food on the plate and get up for more, and do the whole thing all over again. This is not just greed : this is criminal waste.

From: Una (Florida)
You wonder why we’re a nation of obese people - go on a cruise and watch them there, and you won’t wonder anymore.

From: rickbend
And these are the very people, ordering 2 or three entrees and preparing a path to the cardiac unit who are screaming at me for smoking on the aft deck. These gluttons are going to be as much a drain on the National Health Service as I am, if not more. Greed AND hypocrisy.

From: BobT

Not sure how you work that one out, rickbend, but I get your point. Folks in glass houses etc.....

From: ejthompson

I am a member on two other cruise forums and I am astonished to read so many posts of people trying to justify their greed - even encouraging each other not to worry about what the dining room staff think when they order their banquet of gluttony.

We wonder why Americans have such a bad reputation as being loud and obnoxious when they're abroad. Can we be surprised. What else can the struggling serving staff on board the cruise lines think when they see overweight passengers ordering double portions of everything on sight - two entrees, sometimes even three - plates piled up with food at the buffets and only a portion of that being eaten, not one slice of cheesecake in the afternoon, but three, not to mention endless rounds of free ice cream, popcorn and chocolate. But the greed in of itself is not the worst part of it : it is the attempts to justify the greed that is truly obscene.

Watch out for our next blog in which we will continue to share with you these great and sometimes very funny blog posts.  And if you wish to make any comments below, please do so - we would love to hear from you.

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