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Monday, May 6, 2013

Health Issues on Board Ship

Following our blog a few days ago covering how to be prepared for a disaster at sea - not to put a blanket on your anticipation of a great time but to make sure you are physically and mentally prepared for any thing so that you can forget about it all and have a good time, Prow’s Edge continues to talk about how to be truly safe and prepared for anything on your cruise.

This time, Prow’s Edge talks about keeping healthy on your cruise.

It is a well known fact that many cruise ships are riddled with all sorts of viruses and germs layering every elevator button, railing and door handle. This is NOT to say that cruise ships are necessarily dirty disease-ridden vessels – but this news should not be a surprise when you realize that cruise ships pack in a huge number of people into a comparatively small space.  It is obvious that a virus or set of germs sees this as a heaven.

Also,most people taking a cruise, whether they will admit it or not, are in a holiday frame of mind, and all the natural precautions they naturally take at home and in the office at work go flying out of the window.

The same rules you live by at home apply even more importantly on a cruise.

The basic and most important rule is avoid touching every person, hand, railing and door handle you see.

Avoid shaking hands with everyone.  While this may seem a little unfriendly you will find more and more people accepting that shaking hands with every stranger is not a good idea, and certainly not on a cruise.

Even many Captain’s Cocktail events now restrict the shaking of hands.  It’s not that the captain doesn’t want to be friendly - he just wants to keep us all healthy.

Wash your hands as often as possible, and make good use of all the hand sanitizers located in almost every corner on every deck.

And if the worst should happen, and you come down with a virus, or even just a simple cold, see the doctor or nurse on board – that is what they are there for – and stay away from the other passengers.  As awful as that may seem  – it is the decent thing to do, and your recovery will be much quicker.

And finally, if you have any particular health problems, make sure that you bring enough necessary medications, not only for the cruise itself, but for several days after the trip in case of any emergencies. 

This may all sound a little gloomy - but it’s not meant to be.  Precautions becoming a natural part of your life mean that you more than likely to enjoy a problem free cruise.

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