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Sunday, March 3, 2013

Alcohol on a Cruise - Take it Easy

Following our last blog taking a humorous look at the outcome of red wine and beer consumption on a cruise ( http://prows-edge-cruise-magazine.blogspot.ca/2013/02/food-and-alcohol-related-heart-attacks.html) here is a more serious look at the over indulgence in alcohol on a cruise.

This is not to say that too many cruisers are all alcoholics - it’s just that many just think that part of the fun of a cruise is to drink more alcohol than they normally would at home – and to enjoy it.

Very few people gurgle several cocktails before dinner every night. Nor do they follow this unusual indulgence with a bottle of wine with their meal, and then carry on afterwards in the bar, the disco, even the theatre show and then add to it all with a closing night cap before they head off to bed.

And yet on a cruise this is considered to normal and quite acceptable.

Our fist tip is that you should remember before your cruise that this NOT “normal and quite acceptable”.  Fun maybe - but not a good thing.

Before you sip your third beer at the poolside, just remember that too many of those over a long time will mean you will have to avoid stripping off down to your swimming costume. Drinks have calories, and too many of them will result in too many extra inches around your waist line. And this can happen very quickly.

Who hasn’t come back from a cruise and been horrified to see the increase in weight.  It’s not all just because of the extra food.

One beer at the poolside, or a cocktail with exotic ingredients before dinner is fun. But leave it at one.

And it’s not just your waist line that suffers because of the over indulgence in beer and gin and tonics. As nice as they might be, they’re not doing your liver much good - and that’s not something we think of every time we take another gulp of perfectly chilled lager.  It might even not be evident until the next visit to the doctor.

Also, over consumption of alcohol on a cruise is not doing your wallet much good either.

Sound too obvious?

You will be surprised to learn how often turns out to be a bit of a shock at the end of the cruise when passengers have to settle the onboard account to see just how much all those treats are now actually costing.

 No need to avoid alcohol - just take it easy!

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