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Friday, March 22, 2013

Eating on a Cruise

The whole point of a vacation of any kind – even cruising – is to relax and leave the normal day to day worries at home – and this includes everything from fretting about repainting the kitchen to getting too anxious about all those extra calories every time you go out to dinner.

Being too anxious about food consumption is not the point of a cruise or any kind of vacation.

No one wants to go on a cruise and start a diet at the same time. But then no one wants to add 10 lbs of body weight around their hips during a week on the high seas either.

It is a well known fact that the average weight gain on a cruise is 2lbs a day. This is not something any of us want.

But there IS a way of avoiding this happening to you. There IS a way of hitting the happy medium – watching what you eat without becoming obsessed with the problem - and actually enjoying the process.

Here are some tips which may seem a little bizarre, but actually are very helpful. 

Slow down your eating ...

As tempting as the buffet may look , and as much as you want to rush up to get your second and third helpings of everything - slow down.  It is a vacation after all - there is no need for any rush. And by taking it slowly, you actually give your body a chance to register what you have already consumed ( which normally takes 10 to 15 minutes) and you may well find that the thought of another helping of that food after at least ten minutes is not something that actually appeals then anymore.

Eat more times a day ...
As bizarre as this may sound when talking about avoiding putting on weight, it is a well known fact that it is much healthier to eat 5 smaller meals a day than just two or three large ones. After the first day of what may seem like sheer gluttony, your body learns to make sure that the desire in terms of quantity for each of the 5 meals is very less than for that huge dinner when you’ve been starving yourself since breakfast. And it is not difficult to eat 5 times a day on a cruise.

Drink more water ...

It is a fact that the body can sometimes mistake simple thirst for hunger, and being dehydrated can exaggerate the desire for food.  A solution that often surprises people is that a simple glass of water can eliminate that hunger until the next meal.

NB:  Note that the same thing does not apply to grabbing another beer or gin and tonic and think the results will be the same.  Your hunger pangs may well be reduced, but the calories taken in with the beer or gin and tonic are sometimes even worse than yet another snack.  And the peanuts you’ll be tempted to nibble while you’re sipping your cocktail are certainly not going to help either.

Check in again soon to see our next blog for more tips on eating on cruise or take a look at the advice section of Prow's Edge Cruise Magazine.

If you have some tips of your own, please leave us a message here that we can all enjoy!

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