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Monday, April 22, 2013

Still About the Cruise Chat Rooms

The hot debate about the value of chat rooms dealing with all sorts of aspects of cruises that we brought attention to in Trusting the Cruise Forums and Chat Rooms continues with some very heated reactions to our comments about this topic.

In fact - this topic is one of Prow's Edge's most popular, blog topics!

We stand corrected in that cruise chat rooms are still, in fact, a popular source of information for those looking for an ideal cruise – but we still stand by our viewpoint that the opinions offered in these chat rooms are not the most ideal nor unbiased sources of information.

We still maintain that any information gleaned from such forums has to be treated with a little caution.

As we reported in our last blog on this topic, it is a sad fact that a lot of the regular participants in these forums are in fact only taking part in order to gain some benefits for themselves.  Some complain incessantly until the cruise lines take notice and offer some benefits. 
This does not happen as frequently as before – as we showcased in  Trusting the Cruise Forums and Chat Rooms  – but it should make readers a little cautious about what they read in these forums.

Others taking part in these forums, while not after some benefit as mentioned above, can can also  inwittingly pass on incorrect information - not necessarily on purpose, but simply because they do not know much better.  They like to see their opinions on the internet.

Another development in terms of cruise forums and chat rooms is the growth of such sites by the cruise lines themselves.

One has to wonder about the unbiased honestly of commentary on such web site forums as well.

Having said that - there are a number of chat rooms that deal specifically with certain topics and provide information that cannot be found elsewhere.

We can only suggest that you treat all such forums with some kind of caution.

If you would like to send us ALL here at Prow's Edge on a number of cruises to test the validity of commentary about many of these cruises on various forum websites - we would be happy to carry out the chores for you  - providing of course, that champagne is served every night in our cabins, before dinner, with dinner, after dinner, as a bedtime treat, and hey - even for breakfast as well!

We would, of course, be totally unbiased.


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