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Thursday, April 11, 2013

Trusting the Cruise Forums and Chat Rooms

Initially, Cruise forums and chat rooms were a new and unique way for cruisers to be able to comment on and spread the news about their latest cruise and favorite cruise lines and cruise ships.

While some of the commentary may not have been in the best of prose, or even targeting anything of any real importance, these forums and chat rooms  were very popular.

Inevitably, however, the chat rooms became ripe for abuse.

 One example of this was a couple from Ohio, Brenda and Gerald Moran, who apparently enjoyed Royal Caribbean so much that they had six voyages with the line in three years. 

Oddly enough, however, that did not stop them complaining about the cruise line in all the chat rooms.  They found fault on every cruise, from plumbing problems in their stateroom, a birthday greeting delivered to the wrong cabin, the husband locked out on the balcony when a door latch failed, and much more.

Each time, Royal Caribbean Line turned the other cheek, offering the couple discounts on the next cruise and/or onboard credits.

But things were now beginning to change and the cruise lines were starting to take the internet a little more seriously than they had done before.  They had to start taking part, promote their products and avoid the damage that could be done by the likes of Brenda and Gerald Morn.

The straw that broke the camel’s back as it were was that after each trip Brenda Moran continued to voice her complaints about their treatment by posting their cruise experience on the Internet.

Some fellow cruisers sympathized, others believed the couple were "teaching" fellow cruisers how to scam Royal Caribbean.

"Why keep booking a trip with Royal Caribbean?" wondered one of our contributing writers.  "If every trip had so many problems, why did they keep going back to them".Which was exactly what they seemed to be doing."

But by now Royal Caribbean had had enough and they banned the couple from ever cruising with Royal Caribbean again.

Some people feel that this was a little harsh a reaction, others do not.

 Some see Brenda and Gerald Moran behaving with any need for criticism.  Other would not agree.

Prow's Edge takes no side here and passes no commentary - simply reporting the story as we have heard it.

What this whole episode WAS, however, no matter our opinions on it, the marking of the end of the “chat room” as an efficient and accurate supply of information for anyone wanting to take a cruise.

It is a fact that the complaints in the chatrooms are voiced by only a tiny number of all the people who have taken cruises and who have actually enjoyed them and have no complaints.

Chatrooms for cruises were doomed, cruise line web sites were taking over!

Even here at Prow's Edge the chat room section was finally removed and destroyed. And we were not the first cruise web site to do that.

Watch out for our next blog feature on this topic in which we look at other modern things in a brand new world that have had an impact on cruises.


  1. Those chat rooms were always boring, anyway, the same people just wallowing in the chance to view their opinions on anything and everything. For us, the novelty of these kinds of chat rooms faded very quickly.

  2. We agree - those chat rooms, while something new at first and somewhat interesting and now nothing more thancollectinos of the same people griping about the same things.

    As the blog points out:
    "complaints in the chatrooms are voiced by only a tiny number of all the people who have taken cruises and who have actually enjoyed them and have no complaints.


  3. Your'e quite right, Moira - the number of cruise passengers griping and complaining are a tiny portion of those actually doing the cruises. So why read their opinions constantly!