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Thursday, July 4, 2013

More About Greed on Cruises

Following our last blog about greedy eating, we have had lots of response and even more opinions about it all


Here are just some of those comments and some more of the original remarks in our now non-existent chat rooms:

From Sue MacQuire:

Why are we surprised at the obscene gluttony on cruise ships? Our eyes are always bigger than our stomachs.  The eating options are just vast. You walk along the buffet tables at lunchtime and there are 16 different starters. Which to take? Oh well, let’s have a bit of each. The greed is quite revolting when you think about it. And now on to the main courses ...

A lady in New York asks:

I hope I don’t seem like one of these greedy gobblers when I ask what has happened to those lovely formal afternoon teas we always enjoyed on many cruises. Some cruise ships no longer seem to serve them. Or have we just been unlucky? We miss those neat cucumber sandwiches, those clotted cream and scones, the selection of different teas, the staff formally dressed and some of them even with live chamber music.

A couple in Seattle after another Alaska cruise wrote:

I’ve been surfing the various blogs and message boards and I’m still scratching my head. The complaints about food!  Someone who had been on an Alaska cruise said the food was inedible (I won’t name the cruise line because we’ve been on that same line and the food was magnificent). Twice she noted that the “awful” food was “like eating wedding food”. What’s that all about?

A response to her comments included:

What? Running down wedding food? I’ve been to some great weddings with great food ... like I’ve been on some great cruises with great food. Every ship I’ve ever been on provides a huge variety of dishes. You must find something you like.

And at last a sensible response to all this negative chatter came from a couple from New York:

You get what you pay for .... that’s the long and the short of it. We’ve been on many cruises and I have to agree with Samantha, generally the food is wonderful. In lines like Silversea, Regent, Seabourn, Cunard and a few others the cuisine is nothing but superb. Close on their heels are Crystal, Princess, Holland America ...

If you have any comments of your own, we would love to hear all of  them.