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Tuesday, August 28, 2012

More Good Advice on Cruises

Here is the final batch of the current topics of advice and information that make the advice section of Prow's edge Cruise Magazine such a popular and useful web source.

Many of these pages cover topics that may not be of immediate use, but certainly may come in very handy and which may make your cruise a more delightful and successful experience.
This particular blog page refers to the last of the main topics of good advice from Prow's Edge Cruise Magazine covering all sorts of themes from phoning on a cruise, to figuring out your table assignments.

• Phoning from a Cruise
• Rewards Programs
• Safety at Sea
• Saving Money on a Cruise
• Seasickness
• Shore Excursions
• Smoking on Cruise Ships
• Sun and the Topics
• Swine Flu
• Table Assignments
• Taking Alaska photos
• The real cost of cruises
• Tipping on Cruises

Saturday, August 25, 2012

More Good Advice on Cruises - More Topics

Following our current blogs drawing your attention to the many pages of FREE advice that Prow's Edge Cruise Magazine offers you on all sorts of topics, here is a list of the next 20 topics of interest- many of which you may never need to have to make use of, but many of which may make your cruise a more delightful and successful experience.

Many of these topics refer to medical issues and physical health on your cruise.

The whole section of advice at Prows Edge Cruise Magazine features over 50 pages of useful information – this blog features the next twenty (20) of the main topics of good advice from Prow's Edge Cruise Magazine covering all sorts of themes from how to deal with seasickness and the unlikely event of food poisoning and all sorts of general hints about healthy cruising from maintaining mental health to general medical preparedness and details about the infamous Norovrius and Norwalk viruses.

Good Advice on Cruises - 1st Ten Topics

The secret of a successful cruise is in being prepared for all eventualities - not that you have to be worried about everything going wrong - but it's a good idea to be know where you can go to for good advice on any topics about a cruise that might give you cause for concern.

Once you know how to take care of yourself. never mind what happens, you're more likely not to worry about things too much, and more likely to enjoy the whole experience so much more.

The whole section of advice at Prows Edge Cruise Magazine, over 50 pages of useful information covering almost every topic you can think of, is a good place to start to be prepared for your next cruise, whether it be your very first experience at sea, or the next one in a whole life time of constant sea voyages.

Here is a list of the first ten of the main topics of good advice from Prow's Edge Cruise Magazine.

Thursday, August 23, 2012

American Queen Increases Popularity

Those experiencing a trip with American Queen Steamboat Company Voyages are coming up with lots of praise.  In fact, guest satisfaction ratings are currently averaging 96 percent. And proof of the praise is showing up in the numbers of repeat guests and those recommending the trip to friends and family.

Proof of their new success is evident in the fact that the American Queen Steamboat Company has recently reported that bookings in the second week of August were the best in its history, nearly doubling the previous weekly booking volume benchmark.  

As American Queen Steamboat Company CEO Jeffrey D. Krida explains: “There has been tremendous word-of-mouth support from agents and guests alike as they clamor for remaining space in 2012 and for the newly announced 2013 season. Many who have booked for this fall and winter had already traveled aboard the American Queen since her launch this past April and are back again.:

Offering the most inclusive river cruise experience in North America, fares begin at an affordable $1,095 per guest based on double occupancy, and include a one-night pre-voyage hotel stay, shore tours in every port onboard deluxe SteamcoachesSM, the acclaimed cuisine of legendary chef Regina Charboneau  and complimentary wine and beer with dinner.

A variety of holiday lengths ranging from five to fourteen days.

For more information visit : www.AmericanQueenSteamboatCompany.com

Monday, August 20, 2012

Holland America Line Rescues Stranded Sightseers

Yesterday, on the 19th August, Holland America Line’s ms Volendam rescued 70 persons from a disabled sightseeing boat, the 79-foot sightseeing vessel Baranof Wind, which had struck a rock near Russell Island in Glacier Bay disabling its steering and propulsion and causing the boat to take on water.

The ms Volendam rescued the 69 tourists and one Glacier Bay park ranger and cleared them all through security, gave them a safety briefing and then provided a meal.

“It’s the code of the sea to provide assistance in an emergency, and Captain Peter Bos and his crew responded quickly and professionally to render aid to the passengers of Baranof Wind,” said Stein Kruse, president and CEO of Holland America Line. 

The ms Volendam rendezvoused with an Allen Marine boat at around 6 pm to transfer the rescued passengers back to Bartlett Cove, where their excursion had originated.

The ms Volendam then proceeded on to its next port call at Ketchikan, where it arrived on schedule today.

The USA Coast Guard thanked the crew of the ms Volendam for their quick response to the emergency.

Sunday, August 19, 2012

Main Windjammer Fall Specials

Summer may be coming to a close, but the magic of Fall sailings with the Main Windjammer fleet is only just beginning – a time that is particularly perfect for Windjammer cruises  because  of the steady Autumn breezes, the unique Fall weather of warm, sunny days and cool evenings ideal for gatherings around the woodstove, the wealth of hawk and warbler sightings and the colorful foliage of this time of year.

Adding to the attraction of a Fall Windjammer Cruise this Fall are the value prices at 10 - 20 % less than the summer rates.

Special cruises include the popular 3 to 6 day WoodenBoat trips in September 11 that include a rendezvous at the WoodenBoat waterfront in Brooklin and a tour of the world-famous WoodenBoat School, and the Labor Day Weekend events when the  entire fleet congregates in Camden for a Parade of Sail, live outdoor music, schooner crew talent show, fireworks and more.

Fall specialty cruises cover everything from wine-tasting, puffin-scouting, lighthouse touring, and knitting to even lobster feasts and bacon lover’s cruise.

For more information visit :  http://sailmainecoast.com/

For more on other specials to wet your appetite can be found at Prow's Edge Cruise Magazine.

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Fresh Lobster on Your Cruise

Following the news from award winning writer, photographer and investigative journalist, Greg Latimer about Maine urging visiting cruise lines to buy local lobster, here is a reminder about some of our favorite lobster recipes from respected cruise chefs collected by Prow's Edge Cruise Magazine.

Grilled Lobster Asian Style presented by Chef Prom Nhorn of Pandaw River Cruises

Fresh Scottish Lobster offered by Chef de Cuisine Marc Calderbank of Hebridean Island Cruises

Galapagos Spiny Lobster Ceviche described by Chef Angel Choez, executive chef aboard the M/Y Grace of Quasar Expeditions

Pan Seared Maine Lobster detailed by Georges Blanc – one of France's most revered and recognized master chefs

Take a look at the other pages of the Prow's Edge Cruise Magazine food section for even more tasty recipes.  See : www.prowsedge.com/cruise-food-cruises-chefs-recipes-news.html

Some of the famous chefs featured in this section include:

• Georges Blanc (Carnival)
• Marc Calderbank (Hebridean)
• Angel Choez (Quasar)
• Paul Dorr (Maine Windjammer)
• Dirk Helsig (Fred Olsen)
• Gregory Hoop
• Franck Jeandon (Regent)
• Palle Jorgensen
• Sudesh Kishore (SeaDream)
• Cara Lauzon (Maine Windjammer)
• Aimee LePage (Maine Windjammer)
• Chef Nader (Windstar)
• Daryl Neamtu (Windstar)
• Prom Nhorn (Pandaw)
• Jacque Pépin (Oceania Cruises)
• VR Purificacion (Costa Cruises)
• Walter Rosner (Silversea)
• Pedro Miguel Schiaffino (Aqua)
• David Shalleck (Windstar)
• Manfred Schaller (Crystal)
• Rudi Sodamin (Holland America Line)
• Sarah Swan (Maine Windjammer)
• Wolfgang Wasshausen (HAL)
• Stefan Wilke (Hapag-Lloyd)
• Ann Williamson (Maine Windjammer)
• Karl Winkler (Cunard)
• Chef Zoran (Elegant Cruises)
• Jean-Marie Zimmermann (Cunard)
• Bernhard Zorn (Uniworld)

Monday, August 13, 2012

New Sagaing Pandaw

Launched in Vietnam at the beginning of the year, the new RV Sagaing Pandaw will transfer to Burma (Myanmar) next year to sail the Irrawaddy and Chindwin Rivers in response to the increasing demand for quality river expeditions.

The new RV Saigon Pandaw has only 30 classic Pandaw staterooms and is the perfect expedition vessel for exploring the upper stretches of the Irrawaddy and Chindwin rivers. 

Two week cruises on the Irrawaddy begin at from Prome (Pyay) and cruise up to the Upper Irrawaddy and then back to Mandalay. 

Ten night ‘Golden Land’ cruises will operate downstream from Mandalay to Prome (Pyay). 

A special cruise, offered once a year, sails from Rangoon to Mandalay and on the Chindwin. 

One of the major issues that make the Sagaing Pandaw very attractive to many cruisers is that the ship is only available to individual travelers and not groups. 

Early bird discounts of 10% are available for bookings made prior to one year before departure. 

For more information visit : www.pandaw.com 

For Prow's Edge Cruise Magazine articles describing experiences with Pandaw cruises, take a look at:

• Slowly Down the Mekong – with Robert Tilley

• Journey into the Unkown – by Stu Lloyd

• Upstream on the mighty Rajang River in Sarawak, Malaysia – by Petra O’Neill

• Along the Irrawaddy to Bygone Times – Petra O’Neill

Sunday, August 12, 2012

Kosher Cruises with SeaDream Yacht Club

Not a very typical or common cruise news headline, but the idea and need for "Kosher" cruises is growing, and as unusual as it might seem to some, this is not the first time that Prow's Edge has reported on this topic.

This time, the focus is on SeaDream Yacht Club who are now offering gourmet Glatt-Kosher cuisine for private charters. Together with Jon Greenseid, a nationally recognized kosher consultant, SeaDream is now ready to accommodate Glatt-Kosher private charters under strict rabbinical supervision.

As Bob Lepisto, President of SeaDream Yacht Club, commented,  “The kosher industry continues to grow at an astounding rate. Starting this fall, on voyages sailing round-trip from San Juan, Puerto Rico we’ll be able to accommodate kosher private charter weddings, bar/bat mitzvahs, charity benefits, corporate and personal events.”

Known for their up-market style, SeaDream’s 56-stateroom yachts offer an elegant mix of informality and good taste, with top grade facilities, personal service provided by a crew of 95, inclusive open bar and gratuities, ocean view accommodations, luxury spa and world class cuisine.

For more details about SeaDream visit www.SeaDream.com.

Saturday, August 4, 2012

Norwegian Cruise Line Legends in Concert

One of the highlights of a cruise with Norwegian Cruise Line on board Norwegian Epic starting in November are the Legends in Concert performances in which tribute artists perform as some of the world's most recognized entertainers – Michael Jackson, Donna Summer and Jimmy Buffet.  

Originating in Las Vegas, a  favorite show on the Las Vegas center strip for over 25 years, Legends in Concert is the pioneer of live tribute shows and has assembled the greatest collection of live tribute artists and celebrity look alikes in all of show business.

"Our guests absolutely love the Legends in Concert performances on board Norwegian Epic. The next round of tribute artists, Michael Jackson, Donna Summer and Jimmy Buffet, three extraordinary performers, are destined to be fan favorites," said Kevin Sheehan, Norwegian Cruise Line's chief executive officer.  "With Norwegian Epic returning to its home port in Miami, this is the perfect time to introduce these three talented performers to guests sailing to the Caribbean."

Legends in Concert on Norwegian Epic features three celebrity tribute performers taking the stage in the Epic Theater for six 45-minute shows over three days during a seven-day cruise. 

In addition, a Legends “Unplugged” show is performed on three additional nights in the Manhattan Room, the ship's New York-inspired supper club, providing an unprecedented dining and entertainment experience. 

The celebrity performers change every four months, keeping the show fresh and exciting.

For more information visit : www2.ncl.com/cruise-ship/epic/overview

For more information about Norwegian Cruise Line and other cruise lines offering amazing Caribbean cruises, take a look at www.prowsedge.com

Friday, August 3, 2012

Norm Schriever Travel Advice

Each year an estimated 60 million US citizens travel abroad on vacations, everything from cruises to desert expeditions, for business, or to study or volunteer.

Unfortunately, many of them will fall prey to petty thefts, robberies, or even more serious crimes.

An expat who currently lives in Costa Rica, Norm Schriever has recently  published a travel memoir called 'Pushups in the Prayer Room', describing the year he spent backpacking around the world.

One of the most popular chapters in the book, ‘Wolf Tickets’, outlines all the scams, and hustles, he himself experienced during his travels.

"Unfortunately I found out about most of them the hard way!" he says.

In fact, this particular chapter has proven to be one of the most popular in the book and readers say it's both funny and fascinating, but very practical because it outlines the nuts and bolts of criminal techniques you may encounter in foreign countries and specific tips how to best ensure your safety.

Norm Schriever is a humorist, adventurer, enemy of the comfort zone, and author who lives in Nicaragua with a surfboard and a laptop.  His recent book outlined above, 'Pushups in the Prayer Room', is a wild, irreverent, and hilarious memoir about a year he backpacked around the world. 

For more information visit :  http://www.NormSchriever.com