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Saturday, August 25, 2012

More Good Advice on Cruises - More Topics

Following our current blogs drawing your attention to the many pages of FREE advice that Prow's Edge Cruise Magazine offers you on all sorts of topics, here is a list of the next 20 topics of interest- many of which you may never need to have to make use of, but many of which may make your cruise a more delightful and successful experience.

Many of these topics refer to medical issues and physical health on your cruise.

The whole section of advice at Prows Edge Cruise Magazine features over 50 pages of useful information – this blog features the next twenty (20) of the main topics of good advice from Prow's Edge Cruise Magazine covering all sorts of themes from how to deal with seasickness and the unlikely event of food poisoning and all sorts of general hints about healthy cruising from maintaining mental health to general medical preparedness and details about the infamous Norovrius and Norwalk viruses.

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