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Monday, March 8, 2010

When is a cruise brochure not just a cruise brochure?

New brochures come and they go – they inspire potential passengers and fuel their dreams – and then they find their way to the trash can! Few of them really stick out from the crowd.

Until now - that is.

The recently revamped Azamara Club Cruises brochure does indeed stand out from the crowd.

“Our new destination guide (brochure) was designed to break through the clutter and say, ‘We’re something different,’ particularly through photography,” said Azamara Club Cruises President & CEO Larry Pimentel.

“Upmarket retailers – particularly during the holidays – tend to produce materials in unique sizes, with dramatic photography and design schemes,” said Pimentel. “We concluded that having a unique size was one of the key reasons something got noticed first. So, we opted to follow suit.”

Azamara recruited five students obtaining their Master of Fine Arts degrees in photography at the esteemed San Francisco Art Institute and booked each to sail on Azamara Journey to conduct an extensive shoot in photojournalistic style.

“The results were nothing short of stunning,” said Pimentel.

The front cover exhibits a series of die-cut holes revealing brand-inspired phrases, while the back of the book features a pocket for insertion of itinerary summaries, deck plans, and other materials produced in a variety of languages for tailored use around the world.

Already, the popular cruise-trade publication, Cruise Week, has produced a column focused on Azamara’s new destination guide, as has the respected Seatrade Insider. Travel Professionals also have expressed enthusiasm.

At 11”x17” the new Azamara Club Cruises’ destination guide initially seemed a little too big for some travel professionals, but in almost every case, they soon realized why, and appreciated what it’s designed to do! “This brochure was intended not as a mass market piece, but a ‘class market’ piece, to strongly convey our brand’s upmarket position,” said Pimentel. “We designed this piece to help Travel Professionals convey what Azamara Club Cruises is all about. ”

To obtain a printed copy of the new Azamara Club Cruises destination guide, consumers are invited to call 1-877-999-9553. Travel Professionals are encouraged to dial 1-877-222-2526. Or, to download an electronic version of the guide, visit the Azamara Club Cruises web site at www.azamaraclubcruises.com, and click “brochure.”

For more information about Azamara Club Cruises take a look at the recently updated Prow's Edge Cruise Magazine profile about the cruise line at http://www.prowsedge.com/cruise-lines-azamara-cruises.html


  1. I have seen lots of cruise brochure but there are some cruises which have really good brochure, and they provide all the details with simple language and have them printed in different languages.
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  2. We agree, Maria! But it is nice to see that the standard old format of cruise brochures is being challenged and that the cruise lines are making an effort to make them more interesting - almost to the point of them being more like coffee table books than cruise line brochures. Nice memories of the cruise you decide to take!

    Thanks for adding your comment!