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Monday, May 28, 2012

St Helena Island RMS Cruise

The unique cargo-passenger ship, the RMS St Helena, one of the last working Royal Mail ships in the world, offers several exiting cruises including one to Saint Helena Island in the South Atlantic.

One of the most remote, inhabited islands on earth, St Helena offers everything from desert landscapes and 1,000 ft-high cliffs of volcanic rock, to luscious green valleys playing host to unique plants and wildlife.

Cruising en route to St Helena Island, the RMS St Helena takes in several unique ports of call, from Capetown in South Africa to Weymouth Bay and Portland Port, and unspoilt and peaceful Ascension that is known for it's wild landscapes and 44  volcanic craters rather than gaudy, modern resorts and hotels.

Carrying under 130 passengers, the 6,767 gross toned St Helena offers a cruise unlike the usual offerings from more commercial cruise lines in that it also works as a local lifeline for residents at St Helena.
Life on board is without the usual gaudy over-kill of theatres and casinos, but nevertheless offers high class accommodation and leisure areas as well as world renowned food including everything from traditional afternoon teas to a six-course dinners.

For more information take a look at http://rms-st-helena.com/


  1. St Helena, Britain's second oldest remaining overseas territory, can be found in the middle of the South Atlantic Ocean. The isolated island is 10 x 5 miles in size and has a population of less than 4,300 people.

    A very different cruise port of call from the usual over-crowded offerings from most of the cruise lines!!!