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Thursday, March 14, 2013

Cruises for Jewish People

A topic hardly ever discussed  in relation to cruises in the past was that about kosher foods.  In fact, when Prow’s Edge Cruise Magazine began over 14 years ago, little was known about cruises or cruise lines that cater to those passengers requiring kosher foods. In those days, it was a topic not usually explored by most cruise lines or cruise oriented web sites.

In reality, very few cruise lines and even fewer passengers knew what was meant by the word “kosher”!

Things have changed.

Most people now understand what “kosher” means, and that is it simply a series of rules about what Jews can and can not eat.

Kosher foods are those that come from animals and animal by products deemed kosher in the bible and food prepared as outlined by rabbis in the Talmud.

Nowadays,  cruises for Jewish people and those requiring kosher foods is a growing market and details about such cruises and kosher foods is a much more commonly broached topic of discussion.

Simply put, Kosher Cruises are cruises for Jewish people to travel around the world while upholding the traditional glatt kosher lifestyle and Glatt Kosher, and Chalov Yisroel Pas Yisroel cuisine. Further more, Kosher cruises now highlight and concentrate more than ever before on Glatt Kosher gourmet meals and snacks, Minyanim and Shiurim, Jewish concerts and kumzitses, and on-board events.

In this day and age,cruisers seeking kosher travel are not limited to the luxury liners (like Holland America, Celebrity, MSC, Costa and Crystal) but can look further afield at specialized cruises on medium-sized ships, river and canal boats and even small ships.

Nor are cruise lovers restricted in their choices of possible destinations. 

Nor are passengers limited to just a few web sites dealing with this subject or highlighting those cruises available for anyone wanting a kosher cruise.

Leaders of such web sites include Kosher Cruises at www.koshercruises.com who are now recognized as one of the industry leaders as far as kosher cruises are concerned,  Kosherica Kosher Cruises at www.kosherica.com who is known as The Glatt Kosher Cuisine Leader, www.koshertravelers.com, www.slkosher.com and many more.

There is a string of travel groups and agents who offer kosher cruises, among them Totally Jewish Travel and Kosher Cruise Enterprises. Google is full of them.

As you would say in Hebrew – “nesi'a tova”.  Bon Voyage.

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