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Monday, July 16, 2012

2015 on Crystal Cruises

Looking way ahead – comes news that Crystal Cruises will be offering an amazing world cruise in 2015.

In honor of its 20th World Cruise, and 25th anniversary of the company, the ultra-luxury cruise line will be offering a brand new route around the world from Miami starting January 15, 2015. 

This really is looking ahead - an unusual step for cruise lines.

The 108-day, warm weather voyage aboard Crystal Serenity will consist of six all-inclusive segments that will traverse Central and South America, the South Pacific, New Zealand, Australia, Madagascar, Mauritius, Mozambique, South Africa, and the Caribbean.

Specific segments of this unique cruise are as follows:

·         Miami to Callao/Lima (16 days)
·         Callao/Lima to Auckland (19 days)
·         Auckland to Perth (21 days)
·         Perth to Cape Town (21 days)
·         Cape Town to Rio de Janeiro (15 days)
·         Rio de Janeiro to Miami (16 days)

Itinerary highlights include maiden calls in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic; Albany, Australia; Ambodifotra and Taolagnaro, Madagascar; and Richards Bay, S. Africa (in addition to three other South African calls), and stops in Easter Island, Bora Bora, the Cook Islands, Wellington, Sydney, Melbourne, Reunion Island, Buenos Aires, Cartagena, Turks & Caicos, and more. 

Full World Cruisers receive a host of complimentary perks such as private enrichment classes, fitness programs, entertainment, social invitations, and mementos. 

Full details have only now been just posted at www.crystalcruises.com

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