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Monday, April 8, 2013

Eating on a Cruise Part 2

A few weeks ago in Eating on a Cruise we talked about eating sensibly on a cruise, about how to avoid the average weight gain of over 2lbs per day and how to hit the happy medium – watching what you eat without becoming obsessed with the problem - and actually enjoying the process.

We mentioned before things like that one needs to slow down your eating, eat more times a day (yes, really!) and why you should drink more water.

You can find all this at http://prows-edge-cruise-magazine.blogspot.ca/2013/03/eating-on-cruise.html

Our new advice on this topic are:

Avoid being obviously greedy ...

We have all experienced a cruise where we have had to share a table with people who are actually proud of ordering 2 entrees at a time and at least three deserts as well.

“We just can’t make up our minds” they quip as if they are actually proud of such behaviour.

Don’t be tempted to follow suit, as tempting as it may be - and don’t think you’re being smart or clever. Remember our blog and remember that none of us like to see such obvious greed.

Exercise ...

Not strictly about eating, but certainly related to it. The idea of taking exercise on a cruise may not sound like the point of a vacation. On the other hand you certainly don’t want to end up like one of those exercise obsessed passengers who do nothing but run round the ship all day long and show off in the gym.

There is a happy medium. You don’t even have to set foot in the gym.  Unless you really get fun out of it. There is plenty to do on the ship and on shore excursions to keep you gently active and actually doing more than you would normally do at your desk at the office.

Take excursions that involve some kind of activity, rather than ones that just have you sitting on a bus for six hours and certainly avoid those that feature yet another special meal - as if you're not getting enough on board.

Walk around the ship and count your laps and build up the miles. This can be fun - very often meeting people you wouldn’t have contact with otherwise and getting to chat to them.  And it’s certainly going to be healthier than dozing all day on your deck chair - which ultimately means that the 5th day with yet another cream desert is not going to cause too many problems.

Get enough sleep ...

This might sound a little silly in terms of “eating” advice for someone going on a cruise, but you would be surprised at how many people burn the candle on both ends and over do their leisure activities which often concern eating yet another meal or snack. They reduce their hours of sleep.

It has also been shown that not getting enough sleep my well affect the hormones that govern  your appetite and the way your body process food.

All in all, not a good idea.

Some of these tips may sound like common sense to you, but sometimes when you’re spoiling yourself, common sense goes flying out of the window and you forget things that right now seem very obvious.

For more advice about cruises and how to make the best of them, take a look at the Prow’s Edge Adive section at : http://www.prowsedge.com/cruise-advice-tips.html

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