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Friday, April 5, 2013

Cruise Weddings

Having your wedding on a cruise is becoming an even more popular option than ever before.

And there are many reasons for this.

The first and more obvious is that combing your cruise with your wedding offers you the choice of organizing two distinct and very different actual weddings.  One at sea with the roar of the sea behind you as you complete your vows, or one at one of the destinations  - maybe even a tropical beach.  And nothing can be more romantic that that.

Another reason for planning your cruise as the ideal home for your wedding means that your wedding will involve a lot LESS stress than it would entail were you doing it at home. The cruise lines take care of everything, from the flowers to the champagne, to the place on the ship or the location on the shore.

And, very often, a cruise at sea is a cheaper deal than the 500-guest reception in your home town. Yes, you are paying for a cruise, but you would have paid something for a honeymoon, anyway, and generally the marriage at sea is a private affair, so no costs for huge grand weddings packed with friends and relatives you probably won’t see again for many years.

If the wedding on the cruise IS to be attended by family, this too is not going to be added to your wedding account. Sometimes it could be a treat even for close friends and relatives.  And sometimes it does cost something to bring someone you love who really cannot afford the trip.

Also making things relatively easy, most cruise lines are very well organized now to make weddings at sea very easy to create events.  Some cruise lines have their own wedding coordinators. Some, however, do not encourage such events. Some, like Crystal Cruises and Cunard do not even allow them take place. The distinctly luxurious and up-market cruise lines do not offer any special packages or services.

Those cruise lines that do offer the chance to have you wedding on your cruise include 

Princess Cruses who offer what is considered to be the best selection of events and offerings of service, Disney Cruise Line who offers something a little different to the very much more adult stressed themes of other cruise ship  weddings, Norwegian Cruise Line which offers what is considered to be the widest range of packages, and Carnival Cruise Line who also offers a wide range of options.

Planning your wedding on a cruise really is one of the easiest ways to go about the whole process.  And, very often it is one of the cheaper options too.

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