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Thursday, May 9, 2013

Crimes at Sea

Not everyone wants to focus on the dangers and some horrors of taking a cruise – but as we have often said before at Prow’s Edge, it is worth knowing the dangers, wise to be aware of the problems so that one can be cautious and actually enjoy a problem free cruise.

And this is not just about Prow’s Edge being morbid.

More and more Popular TV and radio stations, such as NBC Chanel 6 in Miami and WKMG-TV/Local 6 - CBS in Orlando are now bringing the news about crimes at sea - especially those where no action was taken to bring justice for the victim.  

And again, this is not about dwelling on some horror stories - it is about making sure cruise passengers remain safe and incident free.

Here in our FIRST blog about this topic are a few brief, common sense tips about general awareness and taking care with alcohol on a cruise.

Be aware of what is happening around you on  a cruise

Although you’re on holiday and should be enjoying it all without any worries, you still need to make sure that you are always aware of what is happening around you and to be a aware of your surroundings - just as y would be at home.  

And in fact, many travelers will maintain that you need to be even more vigilant and cautious about your surroundings than you are at home.

Taking care with drinking (alcohol) on a cruise
Excessive or heavy alcohol consumption can make you less aware of your surroundings and hence less aware of possible threats.

Alcohol in large amounts also means that you do not always make the sensible decisions at that time when your senses and judgements are a little  tampered.

The latest in warnings about drinking on a cruise concerns the problem of unattended drinks.  It is no longer just a part of horror stories and movies in which drinks can be doctored when you are not keeping a close check. Passengers who are drugged with out realizing it, raped and left with an inability to recall any part of the crime is sadly no longer a very unusual crime. Watch your drink being prepared, avoid leaving your drink unattended, and be careful in accepting drinks from strangers.

Our next blog in this series will offer some sensible advice about being isolated on your cruise, and in the blog after that there will be comments about keeping your stateroom and your belongings safe and secure.

For more information about the reality of crimes at sea visit International Cruise Victims at:

Also see the Prow’s Edge extensive section about Safety at Sea at: www.prowsedge.com/cruise-ship-crime.html

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