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Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Keeping Fit on a Cruise

Continuing to let you in on all sorts of advice available at Prow's Edge Cruise Magazine, in case you've missed these pages while studying all the other pages, there are many more topics that might just help you on your next cruise.

The most popular of these remains the article about avoiding putting on weight on a cruise contributed by London-based travel journalist Nicole Rebeiro in which she advises:

"...get out on deck. Enjoy a morning jog around the track, or get harnessed up and try to reach the top of the climbing wall. Relax with a calming yoga session overlooking the blue seas or work those arm muscles while practicing your putting skills. There’s always the outdoor swimming pool, too ..."

More can be found at: Banish the Vacation Belly - by Nicole Rebeiro

Another useful article deals with a closely related topic - that of eating healthfully on a cruise at:  Cruise Tips about Healthy Eating on Cruises

For more helpful hints and advice take a look at the many other topics at the advice, tips section of Prow's Edge Cruise Magazine at www.prowsedge.com/cruise-advice-tips.html

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