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Sunday, January 20, 2013

Packing for a Cruise - Part 2 (shoes)

Now that you’ve learnt the value of packing lightly as we made clear in the last blog at http://prows-edge-cruise-magazine.blogspot.ca/2013/01/packing-for-cruise-part-1.html, this next blog  on the topic of packing for your cruise gives you some idea of some of the necessary things you need to keep in mind.

Our second tip - the #2 Tip about packing is all about shoes.  The first thing about bad packing that many people learn the hard way is what to pack, and what they failed to pack, in the way of footwear.

Though you might be thinking of looking good at all times, especially at the Captain’s cocktail party, not every part of the cruise is about formal events. In fact, the majority of the cruise is about activities, shore excursions and being on the move.  There is very little point in looking great at the formal nights with a different pair of great looking shoes each time if you fail to take something comfortable to wear on excursions and during the day and have to end up limping into the Captain’s arms rather than greeting him more elegantly, all because your feet are covered in blisters.

In fact, it is recommended that ONE pair of formal shoes is more than enough, where as at least two pairs of comfortable, action shoes will make much more sense.

The staff here at Prow’s Edge claim to manage packing only two pairs of shoes - one comfortable and one more dressy, and wearing something comfortable for travel to and from the cruise which can also be used on the cruise and on shore as well.

Of course, the climate of the cruise destinations on your tour make a huge difference as to what you pack in the way of shoes.

Obviously if you are traveling to a hot climate and intending to spend most of your time strolling along beaches it is a good idea to also have sandals.  But make sure they are comfortable. Never mind what they look like - no one will notice if they are a year old.  Some people make sure their sandals are plastic, like the ever popular “flip flops”.  There is no point in expensive leather sandals that get wet and cannot be used the next day.

Also obviously, if your cruise is to a cooler climate, make sure that your casual pair for all day, every day activities is comfortable. And make sure you have socks to make them even more comfortable and warmer.

Another tip from our staff here at Prow’s Edge is save all your old socks year round, take them on your cruise and then discard them as they get used.  This makes room in your luggage for  coming home and safes you the chore of washing them.

Take a look at our next blog for anther reminder of the obvious rules about packing sensibly for a cruise.

If you can think of any other hints about packing for a cruise - let us know here at Prow’s Edge.

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