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Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Packing for a Cruise - Part 5 (essentials / medications etc))

We have already discussed some important issues about packing for your cruise, some of the points of which may well have sounded very obvious, but it is surprising how easily one forgets the sensible obvious things when getting excited about a cruise.

In today’s post, still on the topic of packing for a cruise, we discuss the all important necessities of medications and health aids.

While you don’t want to think all the worst is going to happen on your cruise in terms of health, it may actually help to quieten any ugly thoughts you may have about what can go wrong  by making sure you have the basics to cope with all the basic problems.

The number one recommendation is that you make sure you meet with your doctor at least a week before your cruise and make sure you have enough of your regular medications to last you the cruise and at least a few days when you get back.

Many people forget to take control of this until the day before they head off on their vacation, at which point unnecessary panic sets in.

Once you have these basics in place, the next thing to consider is what to take with you.

Once you have them, you know you won’t need them.  It’s usually when you forget them that you find you need them!

So - apart from ensuring you have adequate supplies of your regular prescription and non prescription medications, here are just a few things you might want to consider taking with you.

•  something to aid constipation

•  something to aid diarrhoea

•  supplements and vitamins

•  sun screen

•  insect repellent

Once you are adequately equipped, you probably won’t need them at all - but at least it’s better to be safe rather than sorry and have to spend large amounts on the on-board shops.  And some cruise ships may not even have what you might need.

Please let us know here if you can think of any other major suggestions on this topic - or maybe just a hint of what has worked for you when taking a cruise.

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  1. Most cruises departing from Florida require an overnight on the evening before departure, with very little to do in the morning before you head to the docks. That's the ideal time to find a cheap drugstore for those items you mention. Gives you something to do on that morning, and saves you having to fuss about it and cart it to the vacation before hand.