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Friday, February 1, 2013

Packing for a Cruise - Part 6 (electronic extras)

While you might be one of the sensible travelers taking a cruise who recognize that such a vacation is about getting away from the usual equipments and gadgets that dominate our every-day lives, many of us fail to remember some of the essentials and spend much of our time at sea cursing the fact that we have forgotten to pack certain things.

Here at Prow’s Edge we have cut our list of essential extras that we should be packing.  This is not to say that we want to use them all - but to make sure we have them, should we need them. – and then to ignore them.

One of the essentials that you may very well need however, and may wish to enjoy using, include your camera, camcorder, camera case and any extras like batteries and battery chargers that all go together. The trick is to remember to pack everything you need to make all your things operable and rechargeable.

Also – a tip from one member of our staff here at Prow’s edge – is to find gadgets to recharge batteries etc that do not have six feet of chords to go with it.  It is possible to find many such items that plug directly into the power source.

Another hint about taking electronic extras with you on your cruise is to pack in your luggage all those items you know you will not need on the journey to and from the cruise such as rechargers, chords, extra batteries etc. You will have enough in your hand luggage without cluttering it up with all that.

Another electronic essential for many people, apart from their cameras etc, is their cell phone - not so that you can phone all your friends and boast about where you are or to pester the dog sitter to make sure Fido is getting his treats, but to make sure you have a way of contacting home should there be an emergency.  It is also comforting to know that people at home have a way of contacting you should something occur you need to know about.

The idea, of course is to pack the phone far far away and try not to be tempted to use it. A cruise is all about getting away from work and worries at home. And learning about them is utterly pointless - there is nothing you can do while you’re in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean.

An important item on our list of electronic extras in previous years was an alarm clock. Most cruise ships these days, however, offer a very efficient service in wake up calls.  Why cart your own clock about if someone else can take care of that for you. That is what being on vacation is all about.

If you have any ideas about electronic essentials for your cruise, and even better, if you have any ideas on how to avoid taking any of these things with you - please let us know here at social@prowsedge.com or leave a message at the end of this blog.

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