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Sunday, February 10, 2013

Why Cruise? To Vacation with the Whole Family!

In our first article about Why to Cruise! we talked about the idea of really escaping from the less obvious ties of life like the cell phone, newspapers and constantly being available for every one else to bug and disturb, no matter how well they mean by the interruptions.

In our second article about the point for some of a cruise is to be able to vacation with the entire family, no matter the age groups involved, and how many generations can get together for this once in a lifetime vacation without there being any problems.

Most cruise lines offer a wild variety of entertainment options to suite all different tastes and interests and certainly all sorts of ages.

While the youngest children can play in the playrooms under the supervision of qualified staff, the older children can make use of the spaces most large cruise lines have specifically for them and their “teenager” tastes in recreation, music, films and games.

And while the kids are all making new friends and doing lot of fun things they would never get to do all day when at home, their parents and grandparents, aunts and uncles can devote their time to things more to their own tastes - from bridge tournaments to lectures about the next ports of call without worrying about the children being bored, or even worrying about where they are and whether they are getting up to any mischief or not.

Of course, every cruise line offers a different mix of recreation opportunities.  Generally the larger cruise ships will have more on offer, and some cruise lines, such as the Disney Cruise Line offer so much for the children, the young ones will never want to get off the ship.

Most cruise lines offer a whole batch of things all members can do together like playing at the pool or enjoying the entertainment on offer in the early evening.

Other cruise lines concentrate more on the ports of call and offer a wide selection of excursions catering to all tastes, from museum excursions for the older passengers, to scuba diving adventures for the more athletic, to adventuresome trips like helicopter rides that the whole family can share and remember for many years to come.

The ideal point of the cruise as a vacation for the whole family is that everyone can spend their days doing exactly what they want to do, and then all gather together in the evening for a good, wholesome family meal after which no one has to tidy up or wash the dishes.

Family breakfasts are also a prefect way to start the day.  All members can plan their days and let everyone know where they will be - and then when they all get together in the evening - they an share all their memories of the day.  All members of the family will find the other members are  much more interested in what they have to tell them when it’s not an activity they all have to deal with all day long.

There really is nothing as ideal as a cruise for a family vacation


One word of warning - make sure you do your homework before you book your cruise.  Not all cruise lines are the same or offer the wide variety of activities for different ages that many of them do.

Check out the various cruise line web sites and see what they have to offer!

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