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Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Why Cruise? One Stop - Multiple destinations!

It may be an obvious advantage of a cruise as a holiday option but it is a reason for taking a cruise that is rarely pointed out.

In fact, there is no other vacation option that give you this advantage –  the ability to be based in one place and yet enjoy many different destinations and locations.

One of our fans of Prow’s Edge Cruise Magazine, Hilda Oscar of Seattle, USA makes it clear.

“What other vacation offers me multiple destinations, different locations, sights and experiences with out having the hassle of finding out how best to get from one to the other and packing and unpacking every single day before carrying on,” she writes to us.  “Obvious yes, but it only really dawned on me now why I like cruise so much. I stay in one “hotel” but move all over the location and get to see lots of different places. What could be more ideal!”


Yes!  But how many regular cruisers ever put that at the top of their list of reasons to take a cruise as a holiday option.

In a study with reader participation at Prow’s Edge last year about “reasons to cruise” and anther one earlier about “why cruise”, not one singe reader put this at the top of their list.

Number one on the list, the number one reason to take a cruise, was about the food.  People praised the luxury of all the amazing food and menus (and meals) aboard a cruise.

The next main reason our readers gave for cruising, in no real discernible order, were referring to the appeal of the entertainment offered on most cruise ships, from cabaret shows to pool side competitions.

The most obvious reason and advantage to a cruise barely made the list.

Hardly anyone pinpointed that one of the main advantages of a cruise as apposed to another kind of vacation is that you get to see many different places and you only have to unpack once.

When you wake up each day you are somewhere different, and you haven’t had any hassle getting there. You haven’t had to spend countless hours checking into yet another hotel, or jolting from one island to the next, or from yet another port or city to the next.

As Hilda says : You want to see somewhere new? Every day? What could be easier than a cruise!”

And she’s right!  In fact - there really is no better way to see any area.  Nothing easier or more comfortable.


  1. yes, but what you do not mention is the fact that in most ports you do not have enough time to really see the important things so that when the ship sails again 8 or 9 hours after arriving you have hardly touched the destination

    1. I agree with you, Frieda, but if you have never been to the area of your cruise before, it's a perfect way to get a general feeling of the entire area so that you can choose exactly where you want to spend more time and come back and actually stay there!

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