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Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Why Cruise? To Escape!

No matter how good life is, and how well ordered things may be at work and at home, a break away from it all can never be a bad thing, And one of the most popular ways to get “a break away from it all” is to take a cruise.

There is very little very surprise that the logo slogan for Princess Cruises is “escape completely”!

But the same thing happens on any cruise with any cruise line.

Rather than dwelling on these obvious points, our blog about “escaping” is about how to do it efficiently.


Turn your phone off and hide it at the bottom of your luggage at the back of the wardrobe. You cannot escape the worries and drudgery of work and home if you are in constant contact with work colleagues and family members.  They may mean well when they share with you the facts that your boss has just fired 10 people and you might be next on the list, or that your neighbor called in the police because your dog dug up all her roses - again. There is nothing you can do about either event, or any like them, and the only effect of being kept in touch with the stuff at home is make sure you really don’t escape and have the break you deserve.

To get the most out of your holiday you’re far better off spending that time staring out to see with a blank mind or splashing in the warm waves of text tropical island as you look forward to the cocktails that evening.


The other method of contact to make sure you stay well away from is the computer and your trusty email account that is now even more important to your daily life than your right hand. As with having your telephone always at the ready, having constant access to your emails just makes sure that you do not really have the chance to escape and get the real benefit of being away.


One of our dearest members of staff here at Prow’s Edge, has finally learnt not to read a newspaper when he’s away. We will never know what Robert’s wife threatened him with if he continued to hunker after the cruise ship’s news flyers and mini newspapers, but we do know that he comes home very much more relaxed for being away form the news for even a short while.  The same ban, apparently, applied to his addiction for CNN on the cabin TV.  It was banned.  Though we have no doubt that Robert did find a source somehow, somewhere, without his wife knowing about it, we do acknowledge that his reduced exposure to news did help to make him more relaxed by the time he returned to the office a week later.

If you need to read something apart from the latest best-seller, or your favorite Dickens, spend the time studying the list of fun activities you can take part in on the cruise ship. You don’t need to know what your Prime Minister said this morning. Plenty of time to argue about that when you get home at the end of the cruise.

One of of the most interesting ideas on how to relax on a cruise, was one of a reader of Prow’s Edge who wrote to tell us how she made it a rule that no family or work problems were to be discussed for more than 2 minutes at a time, and then only once or twice a day.  After the two minutes where up - the subject had to be closed. She said she was always amazed at how soon the 2 times a day was reduced to only once and finally to not at all. She said there was nothing more effective in relaxing you when you’re about to dwell on a problem once you know you only have two minutes and then you have to shut up about it.

With these few simple tips in your hand - a cruise does, as Princess Cruises vows, become a way to “escape completely”!

Let us know your ideas on these topics! We will be glad to hear from you!

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