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Monday, January 28, 2013

Packing for a Cruise - Part 4 (toiletries)

In our series of short blogs about “packing for a cruise” Prow’s Edge has concentrated on a variety of different topics, from advice on the best kind of luggage to purchase, the ideal selection of shoes for any cruise and the value of packing lightly, no matter how tempting your whole wardrobe may be.

In Part 4 of our series of tips about packing for a cruise is all about toiletries and other bathroom and dressing table “essentials”.

While it might well be tempting for many women (and some men too, if truth be told) to clear the dressing table of all their favorite toiletries and to purchase even more while on vacation, this is one occasion when good sense should win the day.

Most cruise lines offer a perfectly adequate supply of soaps and hair shampoos, and very often some of those nice extras like hair conditioners, body lotions and body washes. There really is need to cart along the 2 pint bottles of your favorite shampoos and other addict forming toiletries.  Your hair really will survive the onslaught of something different for a change.  And a whole selection of toiletry bags filled with non essential toiletries can really add to the weight of your hand luggage, if not just the suspicion of airport security staff.

In fact, many cruise lines, and especially the more luxury ones, offer a selection of free toiletries that most of us could never afford and just dream of as having as permanent features in our home bathrooms.

One member of our staff here at Prow’s Edge prides herself on not having had to purchase soap or hair shampoo for over ten years.  She brings home and hoards the free offerings from the cruise ships.

With her in mind, however, (and we call her Miss Hoarder) some of the cruise lines now offer very small samples of all the necessary toiletries - not really enough for her to hoard.  We can blame her for this change in offerings. And we do.

If what to take is really a worry for you, a simple enquiry to the actual cruise line or to any one else who has traveled with them before will ease your worries and lighten your hand luggage.

Check in to the next blog about packing in which we talk about the necessary things you really need to take with you in terms of your medications and herbal supplements.

If you have tips about packing you want to share, please let us know here at Prow's Edge!


  1. Poor Miss Hoarder! Sounds like a sensible girl to me. Maybe you should nickname her Miss Sensible instead!

  2. Absolutely! :-) Thanks for the supportive comment. I would much rather be called Miss Sensible. Hope they take your suggestion to heart!