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Friday, January 4, 2013

Safety at Sea - Avoiding Crime

As much as cruises have become an ostensibly  safe and pleasant vacation option, it is important to understand that just as at any other holiday destination, care must be taken for one's own personal safety.

Though newspapers do not dwell on crime on cruise ships too much, it is important to be aware that it does exist, just as it does anywherre else in the world, and that one needs to be aware of one's own safety.

Important news and tips about cruise ship crime, cruise victims, and safety on a cruise ship can be found in the CRUISE SHIP SAFETY section of Prow's Edge Cruise Magazine.
Offering news, advice and tips about crime and safety on cruise ships, Prow’s Edge Cruise magazine tells the truth about cruise crime and the growing number of cruise victims.
The information in these “safety” pages aboard Prow’s Edge may just tell you some things you didn’t know before and may just help to keep you safe on your dream cruise. Knowledge is your biggest weapon against crime on a cruise ship.

Just some of the topics covered include:

• Top tips to avoid being a victim of a crime on a cruise ship

• What to do if you become a victim of a crime on a cruise ship

• High Seas Crimes (article)

• The truth about drug-facilitated sexual assault (article)

• International Cruise Victims Association

• Safety at Sea - did you know?

• Cruise Vessel Security and Safety Act 2009

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